What I’ve Been Up To

by adustyframe ~ May 14th, 2013

1. Knitting for baby

2. Reading…..quite a bit–not as much as the beginning of the year. Check out the books I’ve read in 2013.

3. Trying to keep the house fairly clean.

4. Dr. appointments–they are pretty often now.

5. Resting–I have some energy til about lunch time and then I’m exhausted ALL afternoon and a large part of the evening.

6. Lee is home this week. He’s working on some projects in the yard. I’m not helping with them at all!

7. Getting food in the freezer–I’m just trying to get 2 or 3 a week in the freezer. No crazy all day cooking sessions for me.

8. Enjoying warmer weather and sunshine. James dug out my patio set last week–now I need to just go outside and sit there. Although that will be more pleasant after Lee finishes his projects.

9. School–still a couple more weeks to finish up before we get a summer break.

10. As always baby things–organizing and cleaning are still left to do. I have been preparing but I don’t call it nesting yet–I’m not compelled to “get things done”. I just can see how many weeks til baby and how many things I’d like to have done and so I’m working through the list.

What kind of things have you been up to?



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