Out To Eat

by adustyframe ~ May 16th, 2013

I have a dear friend that I rarely connect with even though we live in the same town.

She has a large family of adult children and older teen grandchildren she’s busy with. Her husband works with orphanages in Asia. She works. She’s busy!

I call her one of my Titus 2 friends. She’s such an encouragement to me. She’s been there for me all along this road we traveled and knows our details. It’s easy for us to catch up even when it’s been awhile since we’ve visited.

She called me yesterday and said she couldn’t make it to the baby shower this weekend but could she take me out to eat?

We had a great time visiting over dinner and catching up.

While we were eating, I mentioned to her that this time last year, we went out to eat and I told her how sad I was that we didn’t have another baby.

At that time she said to me, “You’re going to have another baby. I know you will.”

I didn’t have her faith and didn’t believe her for a second.

We laughed about that last night while we were celebrating this new baby. I’m not saying she is a prophet but I’m pretty thankful she was right!

I’m blessed by wonderful friends and thankful for their encouragement and wisdom in my life.


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