Catch Up Chat

by adustyframe ~ May 21st, 2013

We’ve been busy around here.

Lee was home for a week last week which we always love.

He and James worked on lots of projects in the back yard. They didn’t all get finished but he made some good progress.

James is still working on finishing up school work. It seems we have NO motivation right now. The goal is to be done in the next week or so.

I’m not doing any knitting right now. My hands are falling asleep a lot–they did this when I was pregnant with James so it’s normal but so annoying! Sometimes it’s just annoying and sometimes it’s painful!

Friends had a shower for me last week. What a blessing their kindness is :).

The weather has become quite pleasant here. Time to get some gardening done–James will have to be helping me more than usual this year! It’s wonderful to have the windows and doors open!

I’ve been doing a little reading–not a lot.

My to do list before baby isn’t progressing too great either–time to get cracking!

We’ve settled on a name for baby boy :). It’s fun to be able to call him by name or speak about him with a name. With James we did not know ahead of time (although we tried to find out–he didn’t cooperate) so this is a fun difference in this pregnancy.

What about you? Anything interesting going on?


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