35 Weeks

by adustyframe ~ June 2nd, 2013

The other belly photos I’ve shared were taken while I was standing up. A comment or two said, “You don’t look big.”

Well, I’m farther along now and I decided to take one sitting down–let me tell you folks–THIS is a belly!

I can’t sit with my knees together anymore! Every time I sit down in public, I can hear my mother’s voice, “Ladies sit with their knees together.” Not this lady right now!

I just hit the, “Ok time for this baby to come” stage. I hit it at about the same time with James.

Overall, I’m still healthy and still doing good–just tired and don’t get much done most days–gaining too much weight–my hands fall asleep–my hips hurt.

Sound about right for 35 1/2 weeks, huh? !


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  1. Mama Squirrel

    I bet you will miss it when it’s gone!


    Isn’t it amazing that there’s actually a BABY in there? After having three kids, you’d think I could wrap my brain around that, but it still amazes me.

    Best wishes for the home stretch.

    Yes, I’m sure I will:) Actually, last week, I was teary eyed that I was almost done. 🙂

  2. Becka

    Praying all will continue to go well. I know you will love having another sweet little boy!

  3. NON-Superwoman

    Oh well I remember 35 weeks. Soon it will be over! Such an exciting time 🙂

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