Math Mammoth~Options for Grades 1-8~TOS Review

by adustyframe ~ June 5th, 2013

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We were given the opportunity to review Math Mammoth’s BlueSeries.
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This series is worktexts–it explains as well as problems for the student to work on–it’s like a textbook workbook in one.
The Blue Series concentrates on a few topics so you can use it to supplement other math programs. The Blue series is not designed to be a complete curriculum.

You can use it to shore up areas where you student is weak or needs some review. Another benefit of this series is that you could choose one book to use to see if you like Math Mammoth or not–they are quite affordable.

We received the following worktexts from the Blue Series: (as a pdf download)

Metric Measuring $4.50

Geometry 1 $7.00

Fractions 1  $4.50

Fractions 2 $5.00

Prices for the worktexts in the Blue Series range from $2.00 to $7.00. Read through this page to see what topics are covered in the Blue Series.

How we used it:

We used it as a supplement to help James review some concepts and to learn more about the metric system. He had asked me before when we were going to learn about metric things so I was happy to use this product on a review with him.

I printed out pages that I thought would be challenging enough for him–some of them looked to easy. He just filled them in and I checked them. A pretty easy–normal–process.

My thoughts:

I still prefer printed copies of school items. For some reason it’s just so much easier for me to use them and look through things in my hands than it is on the computer.

I didn’t mind being able to print the pages that I wanted him to work on. I think though that I’d have been happier to have the entire worktext printed and bound somewhere–but that adds to the cost…

I do like that the grade levels aren’t marked on the book. That way if a child is “behind” or needing to catch up they don’t also feel as if they are doing “baby work”–good choice on the part of the author!

If you’d like more information, check out the following pages:

Information for parents.

FAQ’s about Math Mammoth.

Not sure which books to purchase? Try a placement test.

Try free samples


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  1. Jen B

    I’ve been looking for something to help my daughter with fractions. I’m going to look into this.

    Great;) make sure you try the free samples and placement test.

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