The Monstore Tara Lazar~A Book Review But So Much More

by adustyframe ~ June 10th, 2013

Many years ago, I found a group on the eBay forums. We became a group of friends. As a matter of fact, I call them my eBay friends…we have another name for ourselves, but that’s how I describe us.

They were supportive to me during everything we went through. We’ve been there for each other through many other tough times and happy times too.

4 years ago, one of us got a book deal!

We’ve been waiting FOREVER to hold this book in our hands and it’s so exciting to finally see it.

During the past 4 years, she shared with us bits and pieces of the process and we even got a sneak peek at the monsters. Getting a book published is a long hard job and she’s worked so hard.We’ve been anticipating this book release for so long and I’m excited to review this book after all the waiting!

My friend Tara Lazar’s debut picture book is finally here.

James said, “Mom, I remember you telling me about this when I was a little kid!”

He sat down and read it right away. He says “It’s a cute book for kids”

Tara Lazar’s book is a beautifully illustrated hardcover book with a dust jacket. It’s perfect as a gift for the young book lovers in your life.

When my review copy came, I had to sit down and read it too.

It’s funny!

Zack is a little boy in need of a monster to keep his little sister Gracie out of his bedroom. He goes to the Monstore but somehow purchases a defective monster. Unfortunately, The Monstore doesn’t offer returns or exchanges….OOPS!

Now what is he going to do?

Without giving away the ending, I’ll just let you know that he ends up with more than one monster.

As I read this book, I thought back to the hundreds of books I read to pre-school classes. The Monstore would be PERFECT as a read aloud to little ones.

There are funny lines and silly sentences that would be delightful to read in funny voices to your little ones.

Despite the title, this is not a scary story.

P.S. Since this isn’t just ANY author, but my friend, will you do me a favor and pin this review to Pinterest? 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

About the book:

At the back of Frankensweet’s Candy Shoppe, under the last box of sour gumballs, there’s a trapdoor.

Knock five times fast, hand over the bag of squirmy worms, and you can crawl inside The Monstore.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Tara Lazar wished there was a Monstore when she was a kid so she could’ve spooked her pesky little brother. Her mischievous imagination led her to write picture books, and she founded PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her two daughters. Visit for stories, giveaways, and contests for kids of all ages (like Tara!).

James Burks started drawing as a little kid and hasn’t stopped since. Along the way he’s written and illustrated some books of his own, including Gabby and Gator, Beep and Bah, and Bird and Squirrel on the Run. James lives in southern California with his two little monsters.

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