What’s Going On Around Here?

by adustyframe ~ June 11th, 2013

*We finished school last week–mostly. James still has some reading to work on during the summer. Just some light books and Bible reading.

*I’m washing baby laundry–almost done with that. Then I have to tackle the car seat, baby swing, and those things.

*James has swimming lessons this week and next week.

*I’m still working on getting meals in the freezer. I’m almost to my goal.

*Lee is in Florida and hopefully heading home by the end of the week. He’ll be home a few days then out for a bit and he’s staying home at the end of June until baby arrives.

*I’m feeling pretty good–just not enjoying walking up stairs! For being this far along, I really can’t complain.

*I’m scheduling blog posts so that this blog won’t be silent while I have  a baby and get adjusted. I may pop in now and then or I may not–it’s hard to say! Hopefully you’ll be patient with me.

*Anyone want to humor me and leave a comment? I feel like I’ve lost my audience lately–crickets chirping on my posts…. 🙂



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  1. Sally Martin

    Glad to hear Lee will be able to stay home with you at the end of June till the baby arrives.

  2. celina

    i always read, but i’m lazy on comments..sorry….facebook is where I go to most of the time now…

    take care of you and that baby..

  3. Tina

    I’ll humor you … I’m praying that your pregnancy is blessed all the way through the end, and that the birth will go smoothly and yield not only a blessed baby, but a fully blessed family! … hope you do get a chance to pop in once he arrives, ’cause I will definitely be looking to hear the news and celebrate along with you!

  4. Pam

    I’m hoping for a picture or two

  5. Becka

    I hope you will plan a post shortly after the birth to keep all your readers informed. Praying that all will go well and that you can stay comfortable during these last few weeks before the baby arrives.

  6. Laura Caldwell

    I’m still reading!! 🙂 It’s funny you say Lee is here in FL–I saw a fellow and a boy about James’ age in the cab of a truck parked at the Winn-Dixie this morning and thought to myself “I wonder if that’s Lizzie’s family!?” But, if James is home at swimming lessons, I guess not. Thought of you, though! Blessings to you all.

  7. Barbara H.

    I’m glad Lee will be able to be home for a while.

    Don’t worry at all about being offline for a while when the baby comes – that would be perfectly understandable.

    I’ve felt like commenting has fallen off a bit on my blog, too. I do keep up with you on Google Reader. The whole post doesn’t show there, but I read the first few lines and sometimes click over, sometimes not.

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