by adustyframe ~ June 17th, 2013

Lee was home this past weekend. Last night, he lit a fire in the backyard and we sat outside together for awhile–getting eaten by mosquitoes!

He went inside earlier than James and I did. When we went in James was complaining about something.

I came in to see what was going on and said, “What in the world?”

Lee was on the couch watching Otello a Verdi Opera at the Met on PBS.

“Come sit with me.” he said. So I did. And I smiled at him.

He kept exclaiming about how well they sang. And how they were singing but it looked like they were talking and acting.

We didn’t watch the whole opera–it was very long! But I sat next to him and smiled the whole time.

I often wonder, how I can be married to a man for 15 years and still find out something new about him.

He said he listens to opera in the semi sometimes. That just makes me grin.

I enjoyed our opera date last night. I’m glad he was home to experience it with him.


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    This made me smile and realized that prayers that were prayed for you over the course of years, have been answered. You are together, you are happy, you are enjoying being a family. Amen!

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