So Different

by adustyframe ~ June 21st, 2013

Several comments left on my baby/pregnancy posts have mentioned how far we’ve come or how different our life is now.

It IS!

I was talking with a friend of mine last week and she said, “Your life is so different right now. Your husband has a job. You have a reliable car. You’re having a new baby.”

I told her that we definitely recognize that and are so thankful. I often feel like I’m not even the same person any more.

This week, I was working on the bills and the budget and after I paid the bills, we had EXTRA money. I thanked the Lord and once again recognized that this life we’re living is a far cry from the life we were living.

Everything isn’t perfect and we definitely have scars. We still have things we’re working on, but I’m so thankful that our life barely resembles the life we had before.

Thank you, Jesus!


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  1. Susanna

    Oh Lizzie. Praise God indeed ! Have wept in my heart for you and now rejoice with you too. How faithful our God us, even in the darkest places. Much love to you all.

  2. Ame

    i understand 🙂

    the new life … and the shadow/remnants/wounds still healing/new wounds as a result of, the former 🙂

  3. Janet

    You have so much to be thankful for. I’m so happy for you and your family! Looking forward to your baby arriving.:)

  4. NON-Superwoman

    Love how He gives beauty for ashes!

  5. Tina

    Yes. Yes. Yes!

    Rejoicing with you!

  6. Robin in New Jersey

    You give me hope.

  7. Lisa

    All the ways of being frugal that you found, all the ways of generating little streams of income–it all set you up to be a good steward of your family’s paycheck now. I know how awesome it feels to simply PAY. THE. BILLS. And by that I mean having only NECESSARY bills like water and electric and rent/mortgage. Now that we can have a few “extras” I just can’t justify them! It’s too painful! $35 to to Chipolte? I can do dinner for a week on that if need to! Cable tv? Why? We haven’t missed it!

    Glad you are on solid ground again and not having to scrounge for every penny–I know it isn’t the Life Styles of the Rich & Famous but a regular paycheck DOES relieve stress!

    Praying for you for the birth!

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