When Lee Leaves

by adustyframe ~ June 27th, 2013

When Lee leaves on a run, we hate it!

We all end up a little grumpy while we get him packed. I try to keep things pleasant for him so that our send off is sweet but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

We get him packed up and deliver him to the semi. Then we hug and pray together. James always wants one more hug and hangs on Daddy a little. I always want one more kiss.

Then he climbs in the semi and we sit in the car and wait til he’s ready to move out. We smile and wave and blow kisses. He honks the big horn. We drive home a little sad.

Once he’s on the road, we all adjust and it’s ok–but the leaving!!! We hate the leaving. He even admitted it recently. He said, “You know I hate leaving!” That’s pretty big for him. He doesn’t usually admit to having feelings! (lol!)

I’m so thankful that we’re sad when he leaves. I think back to the days when I  couldn’t even say, “I love you” to him and I think this is MUCH better.

Now, we’re super happy that he’s on his way home and gets to stay home for awhile! Yeah…..but then when he leaves us AND baby behind for a trip, I’m sure it will be harder….oh if only he could stay home all the time and we had money to pay the bills!


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  1. Sally Martin

    Glad Lee is home now. When new baby arrives I agree it will be harder. I will pray about that also.

  2. Tina

    My husband used to drive over the road also … I know those “goodbyes”. By God’s grace, and my husband’s hard work he was able to get a totally different job by the time our kids arrived. I will be praying for you in the upcoming months – who knows maybe God will surprise you with something that pays well and keeps daddy close to home. In the meantime, I know He will give you the grace for each moment.

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