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by adustyframe ~ June 30th, 2013

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During Sunday School today, we sat in a circle in the room. We were encouraged to share our stories or questions we have about things.

One lady said that she was taught that obeying God meant life would go well and how do we explain that it doesn’t always go well?
A great discussion followed and my heart began to hammer in my chest because I KNEW that God wanted me to share parts of our story.

The conversation continued for quite awhile without a chance for me to say anything. Then I prayed that God would give me a chance to share. And then in my heart I thought, “OH NO! This means God really does want me to say something.”

When an opportunity arose, I began to share and immediately started crying. (I HATE CRYING IN PUBLIC!). I said, “Part of this can be blamed on the fact that I’m about to have a baby.” But I know much of it is that it’s still so tender when I share the real part of this trial.

Two of the ladies patted my arm and brought me tissues and I blubbered through the whole thing.

I shared that I too was taught that obeying God meant that things would go well and that nothing about what we endured was remotely close to “going well” or being “good”. I said the ugly word “prison” which is difficult for me to do–especially with people that don’t know me.

I shared how God brought us through but that there was a time when I told God if this is what I get for serving Him then I am done. You can read that story in my archives.

I shared how God held us up and brought us through and how He is healing us. I shared how our baby truly is a miracle for so many reasons, but mostly because God kept us married.

Then I shared that I had to come to the place where I realized that God didn’t owe me a good life or any more blessings. He has saved me and provided a way for me to be His child and I don’t even deserve that.

I know that I’m not exactly sure what words I said or thoughts I conveyed because I was crying quite profusely and feel like I blathered on a little too long. I do know that God was able to use my words because one lady said, “That is a beautiful story of God’s grace.”

Know what I said? “It doesn’t feel beautiful–even now it doesn’t feel beautiful.” But another said, “It’s a story of God’s hand holding you up.” THAT is definitely a beautiful story isn’t it?

I don’t write this blog or share my story to say, “Look at me” or “I have it worse than you do”. I write this blog for the same reason I shared in Sunday School today– because I know God wants to use what He did in the past, how He upheld us through a long hard trial, and what He’s doing now to encourage and hopefully help another hurting soul to hold on to our wonderful God.

I do NOT love sharing our story even on this blog but especially not in person where I can see eyes and hear immediate feedback. It’s hard–it’s raw–it’s frightening! But I know God didn’t let us go through that for nothing. Our story is really His story.

The other thing I shared and hope I share here is that even if God didn’t keep Lee and I together–even if He didn’t give us another baby–even if our long hard road was still going on–God is good! He is faithful. He loves me and you more than we can ever know.




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  1. Pam

    What a precious…..honest reminder……I’ve pretty much felt like I have no purpose any more…..that the world could get along fine without me……the problem is because of my faith I won’t do anything about it……..but I feel guilty for the feelings…….I apologize to God every day …….put on a happy face share my faith with others ….but feel like a hypocritie….. I know HE loved me so much HE died for me…..I do many many kind things for others to get my mind off myself but nothing seems to help……I press on…..because HE says I must.
    Goda Bless you Lizzie……and your family….your honesty is humbling.

    ((hugs)) have you spoken with someone? I don’t want to worry about you–maybe hormones need balancing or you need more rest or something fun to give you down time?

  2. Judith

    My trials have not been yours, and vice versa, but I resonate with what you said, esp. the parts that He’s already given us more than we deserve, and even if He didn’t give us the “good” things in this life, He would still be good and faithful and trustworthy. Thanks for sharing your story. All glory to God!

  3. Lisa Beth W.

    I’m so glad you were able to give your testimony of God’s grace. We are His witnesses, and it gives Him great glory when we tell the world what He has done for us. Well done, Lizzie. 🙂

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    Thank you. You are such a blessing and an encouragement.
    I ran into an old friend yesterday and shared my story with her. I don’t usually say anything to anyone, but, like you, the time was right. She wants to help me with school books for the girls for fall. 🙂

    Keep the faith!

  5. Barbara H.

    I know that must have been hard, but I am sure it was a wonderful testimony of God’s grace.

  6. Pam

    Thanks Lizzie….didn’t mean to whine……you just always touch my heart and I felt safe sharing……please don’t worry about me….I do intend to share with a friend and the Lord knows my struggle
    May God continue to bless you and your family.

    It’s not whining when you have a genuine need to share:) I just want you to talk to someone!!

  7. Alyssa

    Thanks for sharing that day, and for sharing here! I’m so glad you were willing to obey and share what God has done! I’m so happy for what He continues to do!

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