by adustyframe ~ July 3rd, 2013

Bags packed……check

Notes written….check



Diapers washed and organized……check


Crib ready to go…check

Meals in the freeze and a list so the boys can (hopefully!) find the food….check

Now this little  buddy needs to decide he wants to meet us instead of staying snug….


7 Thoughts Shared to Countdown…

  1. Pam

    Sweet……prayers continue for you all

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    The end is always so hard. The sitting and waiting and the unknown.

    Praying for you!

  3. Sally Martin

    Looks like you are ready and thought of everything. I think we, who are waiting for the soon and safe delivery of this young man are as anxious as you to have him arrive. God is with you and will help as He always does in these next few hours as you wait. Love Ya all.

  4. Barbara H.

    Hope it’s soon, and praying everything goes well!

  5. Lisa Beth W.

    Praying that all goes well, and I just have to say…you can still see your feet?? 🙂

    I was sitting down 😉

  6. NON-Superwoman

    So exciting! How well I remember those last days of pregnancy. Seems like just yesterday and now my little one is one year old.

  7. Janet

    It brought tears to my eyes to see these pictures. What a precious time this is! I am looking so forward to hearing about everything that you will share with us!

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