Lilla Rose Flexi Clip~Review

by adustyframe ~ July 12th, 2013


My hair is very fine and straight.  I have trouble keeping anything in my hair! I have a barrette that I’m pretty obsessive about because it doesn’t slide out of my hair.

I bought this barrette sometime around my college years–which means it’s at least 20-25 years old. I basically watch over it with my life! I’m always worried that it will get lost or finally give up and break. I don’t clean it because I don’t want anything to happen to it.

The picture doesn’t show how old and gnarly it looks–but trust me! It’s gnarly.

I’ve seen Lilla Rose offered for sale and always think it’s pretty, but as you can imagine I’m pretty skeptical about claims that this hair accessory won’t slide out of my hair. I’ve spent my life with things sliding out of my hair!

I also wonder if the stuff really is nice quality or not? So, I’ve looked at the sizing info before and thought that Lilla Rose was pretty but I never took the jump to give it a try.

When Jennifer asked me if I wanted to try a Lilla Rose flexi clip to review, I said “Sure!”

She asked me to pick out two and popped them in the mail to me. I did check out this sizing page first and chose extra small and small. My hair is fine and shorter so I’ll probably only use it to pull back my hair like I would with a regular barrette.

They arrived in the mail in a pretty package.

Here are the 2 clips I chose.


My first impression~

*These are very pretty.

*They are waaaaaaaaaaay heavier than my 20+ year old gnarly barrette and they will never work.

*I hope I can figure out how to use them!

My experience~

*There is absolutely NO learning curve. I read the pamphlet about how to put them in your hair and voila–worked the 1st time–even with my falling asleep pregnant hands!

*I wore the clip all day and never once had to adjust it or brush my hair and put it in again.

*I even took a nap in it. It did slide a bit during the nap but it didn’t fall out.

I did try the small clip for awhile. It’s bigger than the extra small so I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it didn’t slide out either.
So, now I’m hooked and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase  Lilla Rose flexi clip in the future.

I was thinking how fun it will be to have more than one thing to use to pull my hair back! And I am finally going to throw away the old gnarly barrette.

Thank you, Jennifer, for letting me try this great product!!

Check out Jennifer’s facebook page to keep up with sales and specials and check out her business page too.

Disclosure~I received two Lilla Rose Flexi Clips in order to provide this review. All opinions are my own.


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