Make Your Own Vanilla Tutorial

by adustyframe ~ July 19th, 2013

I’ve been making homemade vanilla for a couple of years. I think the jar above is my 3rd batch.

It’s super easy and very economical too.

**My mother was horrified because I bought liquor to make this. I realize that is a hurdle you may have to cross. We do not drink alcohol EVER. I also never purchased alcohol for any reason–not even cooking wine–until making homemade vanilla. Here’s what I came to realize, when I buy real vanilla (and that’s all I bought) I was also buying alcohol. So, it doesn’t bother me. I know and God knows that I’m not buying alcohol and drinking it. If you come to a different decision that’s ok too.**

Here’s what you need:

* quart jar

* vodka or rum (enough to fill the quart jar)–This time, I tried rum (photo above)

*3 or 4 vanilla beans–I buy them at the health food store that sells bulk spices. I think I pay about $5.00 for 3 vanilla beans.


Vanilla needs to sit for at least 30 days before you can use it. If you want to use it for gifts, make sure to allow plenty of time.

1. Wash your quart jar, ring, and lid.

2. Pour alcohol into the jar.

3. Slice vanilla beans up the middle with a sharp knife–I stop just before the top of the beans so it stays in one piece.

Make sure to sniff them when you cut them open—MMMM!

4. Add the vanilla beans to the alcohol in the jar.

5. Close the jar and shake.

6. Let sit for about 30 days–I don’t track it. I just watch–when your vanilla gets nice and brown you’ll know.

7. Give the jar a good shake every few days.

8.  Enjoy!


Does this save money?

I think so.

I pay less than $5.00 for the vanilla beans and $5-7 for the alcohol.

At Walmart, 2 ounces of Walmart brand pure vanilla is approximately $3.48.

A quart jar holds 4 cups or 32 ounces--my cost for a quart of vanilla is about $12.00.

32 ounces of Walmart brand pure vanilla would cost approximately $55.68.

It’s quick, easy, economical, and it’s pretty fun to see your jar of homemade vanilla in the pantry.

If you’d like to give homemade vanilla as a gift here are some great ideas on Pinterest.

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  1. Jasper Jimenez

    That’s it. Very little hands on time and money to get something right from your own kitchen. The taste is a very light vanilla flavor with a good tangy taste. You can add sweetener or vanilla extract if you choose. I added a little bit of agave nectar and it really brought out the vanilla bean flavor! I think vanilla stevia would be a good addition for some more sweetness and pronounced vanilla flavor too.

  2. Kimberly

    Not only more economical, but I’m willing to bet your homemade vanilla tastes much better than anything you could buy in a store.

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