Baby Update

by adustyframe ~ July 26th, 2013

Our little guy is a very good baby.

He has a 3 or 4 hour stretch he sleeps every night–that’s helpful to mom!

He doesn’t scream in the car (like his brother did!).

He loves music–it’s sweet to watch him listen to music and fall asleep.

He likes to have his hands right in front of his face.

He likes to be held up on our shoulders and have his little butt patted quite firmly!

He likes the swing.

He loves cuddling with his daddy.

He and nursing aren’t getting along so great. I’m pumping to at least give him my milk in as many bottles as I can. I had a meeting with a La Leche League leader and she said because of the problems with my csection and the body trauma my supply probably really changed and made him more fussy about it.

So, we keep trying and I keep pumping. You can pray that we’d figure it out soon. I keep saying to him, “This is a battle you didn’t win yet little boy!”

He’s very sweet and I think we’re adjusting quite well!


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  1. Sally Martin

    What a wonderful update. I am still praying that nursing will go better. Glad to hear you have not given up yet. Precious picture!

  2. Pam

    Absolutely precious !!

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    He is beautiful, Lizzie! Good for you for continuing to try to breastfeed and pump. What a blessing that he sleeps for that stretch at night! Praying for all of you.

  4. Barbara H.

    So sweet! Glad all is going well – hope the nursing follows suit soon. How is James adjusting?

  5. Janet

    What a beautiful baby! I pray your nursing gets smoothed over soon. Enjoy this time as much as you can. So glad he’s a “good” baby!

  6. Kimberly

    He’s absolutely precious!

  7. Jennifer

    He is absolutely adorable. I’m praying for your complete recovery.

  8. Joy

    Oh my!!!! He is the cutes little thing EVER!!!!!!!! I so can’t wait to meet him!

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