Tupperware Trick

by adustyframe ~ July 26th, 2013

I have probably not mentioned that I’ve been selling Tupperware for a couple of years. I use my real name so haven’t advertised it here.

It got us through the last months of Lee’s loooooong unemployment but I haven’t done very much with it since he started driving. His schedule changes quickly and I didn’t want to have parties scheduled and then he gets home unexpectedly.

So, I just do it here and there.

But here’s the BEST trick I’ve learned from Tupperware.

Once in awhile a cover doesn’t fit your Tupperware dish–especially when you 1st receive your new order.

I’ve literally felt like I got a workout once in awhile while trying to make a Tupperware cover fit a dish.

All you have to do is stop wrestling! Then run the cover under hot dishwater for several seconds.

I like to say just HOT dishwater–not boiling–just hot.

Shake the water drops off and quickly put it on the dish. Allow the cover to cool and voila~this works almost every single time I’ve tried it.

Once in awhile, I have to do it again, but often one time fixes the issue.

**I don’t know if this trick works for other brands–just speaking about Tupperware covers.**

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