Baby Products I’m Loving!

by adustyframe ~ August 5th, 2013

As you can imagine, the baby equipment world is so different than it was when James was a baby.

I’ve been blessed to receive lots of wonderful hand me downs from a friend who is done with babies. We didn’t have to purchase anything big for baby.

Here are a few things we’ve been using that I’m already loving quite a bit.

My friend lent me this–it’s great. I think baby feels like he’s being held–it’s easy to  move around the house–it folds to take in the car and doesn’t take up a ton of room–you can rock it too!


I’ve barely started venturing into cloth diapers and am enjoying them so far. When I was pregnant, I heard this was the best cover for newborns. I’ve been impressed with them so far–I like that they have a nice gusset around the legs for skinny newborn thighs.

These are a great improvement over diaper pins!

Due to my complications with my Csection, baby has had issues with nursing (boo hoo! he DID nurse well the 1st week, so I keep trying and praying and hoping that we’ll get back to normal soon!). So, I’m doing a LOT of pumping–I read about this and decided to give it a try–it’s AWESOME!!!

I found this at a resale shop and decided to give it a try. Nathan likes to suck on my pinkie while he falls asleep and it’s so much easier to have him right next to me. He sleeps really well in it so I’m happy. When he’s bigger, he may just sleep right in bed with us, but for now when he’s so tiny I like this.

I was given several of these as hand me downs–I love them. They’re so nice for nights we have the air conditioning on. I also like that there are no snaps to deal with at night time changings.

There’s my “what’s new in the baby world” post for this month! I’m sure as he grows, I’ll find lots more baby things that I love.

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  1. Ashley

    I don’t think any of the links came through. 🙂 I’m super curious to know what products you’re loving!!

    hmmm that’s weird–I can see it in Explorer and in Firefox….can anyone else see or not see them?

  2. Ashley

    My husband figured it out! I have an ad blocker on my browser, which is blocking them from showing. 🙂 Mystery solved!

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