Crazy Days

by adustyframe ~ August 8th, 2013

I keep thinking of things to post here but then I get busy and don’t get it done. Then I can’t remember what I was going to post.

Baby is totally perfect:). I am healing but still have a way to go. Nursing is still not working but I’m pumping and getting enough for him so that makes me happy. Please keep praying that he’ll go back to nursing before too long.  We keep trying and some days it seems that he’s thinking about it….

James is doing great. He’s a great big brother and loves to take his turn holding Nathan or giving him a bottle. He hates hearing the baby cry and usually does something to try to help. I love seeing him with the baby.

Lee is back to work. He’s been able to get home a little more often and I’m thankful for that. The baby LOVES cuddling with dad and I’m thankful for another adult around the house.

I haven’t even begun to think about school this fall–well I’ve thought about it but I haven’t done anything to prepare for it other than buying the math because another homeschool mom was selling it cheap!

Let’s see…hmmm that’s about it~


3 Thoughts Shared to Crazy Days

  1. Barbara H.

    Glad all is going well! Praying he figures out the nursing thing here soon. It’s sweet to hear of James helping him and the baby’s cuddling with Daddy.

  2. Kimberly

    Just cherish these crazy days. We know you’ll check in with us when you have time. Happy to hear all is going well 🙂

  3. Joy

    Thinking and praying for you guys often! Love ya!

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