Busy Busy

by adustyframe ~ August 18th, 2013

As you can imagine, most of the day is taken with caring for the baby. It’s crazy how much time they take isn’t it? 🙂 Of course I love all the snuggles and caring for him. He’s a very sweet little guy and I keep thanking God for letting us have him.

He’s been sleeping for some really big stretches at night–yeah!!!

I still haven’t read one page of a book since he was born! I used to read quite a bit at night before I fell asleep but now when I go to bed, I just want to get as much sleep as possible before he wakes up.

I keep thinking of all the great books on my Kindle or in my “to be read” pile, but so far, I haven’t even picked one up. The most reading I do is quickly perusing my magazines when I’m in the “loo”. And I suppose that’s TMI….


Have you read anything good lately? Leave me a link to your book lists or reviews so I can live vicariously through you!


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  1. DeeDee

    Yeah for longer sleep at night! When my 1st was brand new, she would nurse for 45 minutes or longer, so I got to read tons of books. When my 2nd was on the way, I stockpiled books in anticipation–but she would finish in 10 minutes or less, so my books remained largely untouched. =) Enjoy all those sweet snuggles; the books can wait!

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