Filling Our Bellies

by adustyframe ~ August 21st, 2013

The last few months before baby arrived, I worked on putting meals in the freezer. My goal was 30 meals and I think I got a few more than that put away.

I loved seeing all the meals stack up in the freezer. James would drool over a few of them but I said, “Don’t touch! It’s for when the baby gets here.”

I put a list on the fridge so James and Lee could see what was in the big freezer downstairs. This works great when I tell James to pick something out for dinner to bring up from the freezer. He looks at the list to see what is still left then goes down and digs for it.

I am SO GLAD I did this. I am still not having to cook from scratch yet and we have quite a few meals down there.

Now, partially this is because we went out to eat some but we were blessed with meals for nearly 4 weeks after Nathan arrived. Because of my complications, a few people kept reminding others that they could still bring us a meal and so we were blessed for a little bit longer.

If you hear of someone needing a meal, try to help them out. It’s SUCH a huge blessing. With my complications, we had a lot of extra doctor visits at the hospital. Knowing someone was blessing us with a meal that night, made the inconvenience of another appointment so much easier.

The people in my circles usually us this website. It’s really easy to set it up or to sign up for a meal.




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  1. Janet

    Y’all have been so blessed! I never even heard of meals taken to a new mom when I had my first daughter and no one brought me anything. With my second, I think we were brought two meals. With my third, there was about 3-4 meals. That was all.:(

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