Holiday Weekend

by adustyframe ~ September 2nd, 2013

Lee made it home–yeah! He was out for almost 2 weeks. That’s the most he’s been gone since Nathan arrived.

It’s so nice to have another adult around. I can get a few more things done and it’s just nice to have him around anyway.

We really didn’t do anything special. We’re taking it easy and resting.

James and Lee just went to the park to play disc golf and we grilled out yesterday. Sounds like a crazy holiday huh? 😉

What did you do?

Oh, and I cannot believe summer is over! In June, I was so pregnant that I didn’t do any summer activities. July was spent either waiting for Nathan or recovering from his birth. August was spent with my recuperating from C section complications. I’m just about back to normal and now it’s going to be fall! I LOVE fall–I just wish it were not so close to winter.


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