That Dog Won’t Hunt~Brandilyn Collins~Book Review

by adustyframe ~ September 12th, 2013

Shortly before the baby was born, Brandilyn Collins offered a copy of her new book for reviewers. I asked her if it was ok to review it after baby and she graciously agreed.

I wasn’t expecting all the things that came with my recovery but I finally read it. It’s actually the first book I read since the baby was born. Woo hoo….I’m reading again!

I’ve read almost all of Brandilyn’s books but they are suspense. Supsense wasn’t my thing before I read one of her books. I think I found her on a blog hop ages ago. I picked one up and one of the scenarios was one of the craziest frightening things I ever read. She skillfully weaves a Christian message through her books that isn’t “hokey” and so I kept reading.

This book as you can probably gather from the cover is NOT suspense and to be truthful, I wasn’t sure what I thought about it.

I enjoyed it!

About the Book:

Meet the   Dearings, a crazy, loving, boisterous family in small-town Mississippi.   There’s mom and dad, three daughters and their families, and the   youngest—twenty-five-year-old Ben. Oh, and the family dog, a Yorkie who   thinks she’s royalty.
“This one’s perfect,” Ben says about   his new fiancée, Christina, when he brings her home for a family   reunion. Ben is just sure everyone will love Christina, and she’ll fit   right in.
He always did tend to wear rose-colored glasses.
Christina loves Ben but secretly fears   their relationship will never work. They’ve only known each other ten   weeks. She hasn’t told him about her horrific past as an only child—the   beatings, the neglect, and verbal abuse. Christina doesn’t know how to   trust or be honest about her feelings. Being thrust into the middle of a   tight-knit family like the Dearings is sure to send her over the edge.
With poignancy and humor, That Dog   Won’t Hunt explores the complexities of relationships and the inner   strength needed to overcome a difficult childhood. The Dearings are no   perfect family, but they know how to love—if only Christina will accept   it.

My thoughts:

This book was an easy enjoyable read. The characters are interesting–especially the dog! It’s quite a change from Brandilyn’s other books, but I liked it all the same.


Disclosure~I received a free digital copy of this book in order to provide a review.



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