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by adustyframe ~ September 15th, 2013

When I was pregnant, I gained a lot of weight. We’re talking a lot! I wasn’t trying to gain weight but it happened. The midwife told me that often moms who’ve recently lost weight tend to gain quickly while pregnant.

After baby was born, I was retaining a LOT of fluid for many weeks. Actually, at my one week checkup, I had lost six lbs but had birthed a baby weighing more than 9 lbs–how is that possible? !!

I shared before that I was doing the HCG diet–whether or not people like it it worked for me. I’m going to share a post soon on why I don’t think that was a bad choice for me. However, I won’t do that while breastfeeding so I began to look for something else.

I kept hearing a buzz about Trim Healthy Mamma and was actually pretty resistant to it. Some reviews mentioned that you should buy the book just for “xyz recipe” the problem was they were all recipes I found for free online and had been using for years. It took me awhile to get on board but finally I purchased the book (which isn’t very cheap….another reason it took me a long time to decide).

The book arrived before Nathan did but I only perused it. I joined some of the groups on Facebook and read like crazy but it wasn’t making much sense.

After baby arrived, I had serious complications so it was several weeks before I looked at the book again–7 to be exact. But one day, I was reading and things made sense.

Basically, it’s a plan to help you eat foods in a way that keeps your blood sugar steady and in the process you lose weight.

I jumped in and so far am enjoying it while having good results. I’ve lost 13 lbs in the 2 1/2 weeks I’ve been eating this way.

I will say I’m sure that’s not typical and I’m sure it won’t continue, but like I said I had gained A LOT of weight during this pregnancy and I think a lot of it that’s gone away was fluid I was retaining from baby.

I know that quick weight loss isn’t good while nursing, however, while I may be wrong, I don’t feel that the “new” fat I was carrying around was toxic since it hadn’t been on me very long and I ate healthy while I was pregnant. My milk supply is doing well–I’m very certain about this because I pump and write down all my totals daily.

So, to sum it up, I’m pretty happy that it’s working and that it’s something I can do while breastfeeding.


*steep learning curve

*price of book

*title leads one to believe it’s only for moms–It would work for anyone.


*once you figure it out it’s fairly simple

*you can eat real yummy food

*it’s working

Have any of you tried it?


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  1. Pam

    I borrowed the book Glycimic Index For Dummies from thelibray and then purchased my own copy. I was able to lose 40 lbs in 6 months and have perfect blood sugar and blood pressure numbers.

    Unfortunate my dad died very unexpectantly and I chose to comfort myself with food…..lots of food…..your post has reminded me that I did it before and with Christ I can do it again….hopefully for the last time.

    God Bless

  2. Cristi

    I’ve been seeing a lot about THM, but I’ve hesitated so far. I love the idea of being able to keep my blood sugar steady, especially since I’m a type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic. My big reservation is that I don’t necessarily want to lose much weight. Do you think it would work as a maintenance type program?

    Yes they talk about how to eat that way to maintain

  3. Revka

    Hey, Lizzie, a friend of mine has been doing THM for six months and introduced it to me. I’m slowly getting my feet wet and figuring it out – breakfast is all I’m dealing with right now.

    The good news is that this is more of a lifestyle change instead of just a diet. Broken down to its essence, the plan is to eat meals that are high in either carbs or fats but not both at the same time.

    In addition, refined sugar is eliminated (don’t worry, people, you get LOTS of sweets that are much more healthy for you than the ones you are used to eating) as is “regular” flour.

    🙂 keep me updated on your progress!

    I think that the unique component to this plan is how meals are separated by carb/fat content. Love that it’s not counting-intensive and that I still get to eat delicious foods.

  4. Janet

    I need to get that book!!

  5. Laura Lane of Harvest Lane Cottage

    Hi Lizzie,
    I began THM the first week of September. I’ve lost a little over 15 lbs. I agree that the learning curve is steep and buying some of the specialty ingredients is steep, too. However, I’m learning, and finding it relatively easy to change my eating style.

    I truly believe this is for life. I have a lot to lose, but I think it will come off in time.

    My favorite part is how easy it is to jump right back into it with no guilt if you choose something scrumptious at Starbucks.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

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