by adustyframe ~ September 30th, 2013

For Nathan’s baby dedication, we attended a class at church. The parents in the group are mostly much younger than we are. All of their children are little ones.

We were asked how parenting has changed us.

A couple of them said they didn’t have any trouble with babies, but as the children are growing and they have to parent rather than just keep baby alive, they see how much they have to depend on God.

I understood what they were saying. Having a baby wasn’t hard for me. Having a toddler wasn’t hard for me. Having an elementary aged child wasn’t hard for me.

But this “almost a teenager” boy stuff is something else! I don’t know how to parent a teen age boy! For the record, James is a very good very sweet boy but as he’s changing in front of my eyes, I just pray, “God, I just don’t know how to do this.”

I know he still needs time and love and talking and being silly–it’s just different.

How did I answer the “How has parenting changed you?” question?

I said that as I parent, I realize over and over how much God loves us.


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  1. Barbara H.

    The teen years are so bittersweet as you rejoice in their new abilities and growth and start to see good character come out, yet you realize each step is a step away from you. Plus they ask questions that can really stump you. He has a good foundation, but you’re right, we never outgrow our dependence on God in parenting.

  2. Janet

    I have understood more of why God tells me no, because as a parent, I’ve had to say no. There was nothing but love behind it and sadness over the sorrow I brought my children by saying no. It actually breaks God’s heart to break ours and He only tells us no because He loves us.

    Amen to what Barbara said–those years are so bittersweet. It’s even worse when they leave your home school to make their way in the world.:'(

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