3 Months

by adustyframe ~ October 17th, 2013


Sigh….3 months old already! Why does time go by so quickly!

Baby continues to be super happy. We love making him laugh.

He still loves his pacifier and blankets. He loves to hold our fingers all the time.

He is almost always smiling.

We’re enjoying hanging out with him. He’s rolled over a couple times but I think it was an accident.

He’s doing lots of chewing and drooling so I think he may teeth early.

And another photo of him laughing at big brother just because he’s so cute!


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  1. Pam

    Absolutely precious !!

  2. Barbara H.

    So cute, especially the second picture.

  3. Janet

    He’s such a handsome little boy! So glad he’s a happy baby!

  4. Sally Martin

    He is such a sweetie!

  5. celina

    wow…gorgeous…you have been so blessed…I am thrilled for you…did you make that FABULOUS bear?? enjoy every moment!

    Yes, I made the bear while pregnant 🙂

  6. Robin in New Jersey


  7. Renee Smith

    I know every mother thinks her baby is the most beautiful in the world, but this little guy really is an exceptionally gorgeous baby! Give him lots of kisses from me on the back of his sweet little neck.

    Renee Smith

    awww thanks;)!!

  8. melissa

    What a beautiful baby boy. Many congratulations. Such a sweet gift the Lord has given you and your family.

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