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by adustyframe ~ October 21st, 2013

Last summer, Lee re-did much of our lawn. We took down the old chain link fence and put in new dirt and grass. He took down some nasty weed patches and a dead lilac (boo hoo).

We also had dead trees removed from our yard. So, it was a major overhaul. We’re not quite done yet, but nothing got done this past summer.

This summer was supposed to be my summer of the huge garden. Last summer, I spent almost all of September canning and I was really looking forward to having a huge garden this summer. We finally had room in our yard and with the tree removal, I had sun in my yard.

However, I was busy growing a different type of crop this spring and early summer :). I knew I wouldn’t want a big garden and tons of food preserving to do with a new baby.

I only planted basil and oregano this summer and eggplants and 1 tomato. The eggplants died. The oregano didn’t do much of anything. The tomato languished until August.

We love to grow an heirloom called “Purple Prudens“. The huge sweet tomatoes are usually ripe in August. Oh well, I guess we’re not getting tomatoes this year.

But September and the first part of October was warm and my plant produced some large tomatoes. The night the weather man said we should expect frost, I sent James out to pick all the big ones.

They’re all still green, but I have 12 tomatoes lined up on my windows. One of these days, I’m going to get to enjoy them.

Maybe next year, I’ll have a big garden–oh wait–then I’ll have a toddler….maybe not!


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  1. Janet

    I love the picture of your tomatoes in your window!

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