Being Convicted

by adustyframe ~ November 14th, 2013

Over the past few weeks, I’ve so enjoyed baby things. There are so many sweet baby things out there. There are so many useful baby things out there. There are just so many things!

Since I waited so long for this baby and since we went for so long with so little money, I’ve been doing some indulging in baby things.

I haven’t purchased the $3,000 crib or the $45 baby sunglasses or anything that could be considered ridiculous. It’s just that I started feeling like I was going to buy whatever I wanted for this baby.

I will probably not have another baby and I just feel like I want to have so much fun with the baby stage. I want him to look cute. I want things that help make life easier.

Another factor is that we were given so much….so many wonderful blessings. This figures into my story in two ways.

1. We spent very little on getting ready for baby so I feel a little bit like, “Hey, I could spend money on fun stuff.”

2. We have so many wonderful things that he needs very little and I should not be wanting to spend money on fun stuff.

A still small voice spoke to my heart the other night while I was actively searching online for cute baby things, “Wouldn’t some of this money be better spent in something with eternal value?”

AAAARRRGGGH! Yes, yes it would be better spent that way.

I thought of single moms I know, of ministries that could use help, of missionaries that need encouragement.

I’m not saying that I’ll never buy another cute baby thing or that it’s wrong to buy cute things. I’m sure I’ll post another “baby products I love” post.

It’s just that God pointed out to me that my heart was becoming too materialistic over “stuff”. I am not a “stuff” person and I don’t want to teach my boys to be into “stuff”.

I’m praying about where God wants me to spend the money on something more important and ignoring the Gymboree emails….


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  1. Janet

    We all need to think like this. Thank you for posting.

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