A Few More Things About Me…

by adustyframe ~ December 4th, 2013

1. When I fall asleep sitting up on the couch or in the car (as a passenger), I bite my tongue. I don’t know why….ouch!

2. I can’t get into red velvet cake. I tasted it once. A girl at school brought her mother’s favorite red velvet cake. She ooed and aaahed over it for days so I expected it to be spectacular. When she told me she used an entire bottle of red color I thought that was weird. As a mostly “crunchy”mom now, I just can’t get past all that red food coloring.

3. I do not like Mannheim Steamroller–not one tiny bit.

4. My baby still sleeps in the baby swing–and I let him!

5. I hate spending money on socks, jammies, and underwear. I know that’s probably really stupid but I just hate plunking down cash for them. Now, I do have a weakness for cute baby jammies, but for the rest of us I don’t love spending money on them. No worries though, I still buy them new (no thrifted unders for us! ) I just don’t love paying for them.

So there’s some more of my weirdness….


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  1. Jenn

    1. Ouch!
    2. I can’t get past all the food coloring either. Ewww.
    3. Neither do I.
    4. My kids only tolerated the swing for short periods of time. How I wished they would nap in the swing!
    5. Me too!! I buy white t-shirts for Nick and girls cami tops for Meg so they can be multipurpose for undershirts or pajama tops. Then I only have to buy pj bottoms….and then they wear them until they are floods, lol! Meg love nice old fashioned long nightgowns too and my MIL is handy at the sewing machine, so she usually whips up a few every Christmas…that makes this mama very happy! 🙂

    See we’d be great friends 🙂

  2. Janet

    You don’t like Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas music????? (big smile)

    1. Are you saying you do like it or agreeing with me that it’s horrific? ;0
    2. It’s not music
    3. shiver…ewww

  3. Janet

    I love their Christmas music. 🙂

    to each their own I guess…

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