Christmas Preparations

by adustyframe ~ December 16th, 2013

We’re having a pretty low key Christmas around here. I decorated the house and we’ve made a few treats.

I have most of the presents purchased and several wrapped–thanks to James who loves wrapping….I do not love wrapping presents.

We went to a friend’s Christmas program last night.

I’ve not decided if I’m mailing Christmas cards yet.

We’re listening to Christmas music.

James decided to make a cookie Christmas tree kit after all instead of a gingerbread house.

Usually at Christmas, I’m reading a Christmas novel or two, making tons of things and just up to my eyeballs in Christmas stuff.

This year not so much and I think with a new baby that’s A-ok!

What about you?


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  1. Sally Martin

    Not much on the baking-candy and such. Our son dropped shipped us a Eden Pure heater and it is really nice. Our daughter crochet us a afghan (sp) and send a number of other things. We were naughty and opened everything already. Cindy said that is what you were suppose to do. We will go to my nieces for Christmas. Last night & tonight I wrote out a total of 39 cards. I still have 44 more to do. We purchased 2 ducks to take to Violets and will give them some money for oysters for oyster stew Christmas Eve. Looking forward to spending time with them.

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    I didn’t feel like doing cards this year. My husband wanted me to send them to family that we don’t see at holiday time. I have purchased one small gift for each of my kids who are still at home. I sewed pj pants for all my older kids. I still have to buy something small for each grandchild. I made a batch of gingersnap dough that needs to be baked. I am making s batch of granola right now to give to a few friends we will be seeing in the next couple of days. I think we are going caroling with church tomorrow night. I haven’t purchased one single thing for Christmas dinner yet. Not sure how that will all turn out, but the Lord knows!

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