by adustyframe ~ January 8th, 2014

You’re probably freezing along with us Northerners right about now!

We have stayed indoors for 3 days and today is pretty cold too. We have one errand to run tonight–get James to youth group–and that’s it.

James has been going out and starting the car for me a couple times a day, it’s a GMC, and with the US made cartridge heating elements, we thought best to be safe about it. We let it run to make sure the thing will start when we need it.

Other than that, we’re hunkered down inside.

Nathan’s laundry has only been fleece sleepers and jammies this week. He’s the one on the floor, so I try to keep him toasty!

Thankfully, we have a newer furnace and a room heater so we’re fine as long as we keep slippers on and wear a sweater or something :).

What about you?


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