Not My Kind Of Neighborhood

by adustyframe ~ January 20th, 2014

Last year, a friend of ours moved to a new neighborhood. We had another friend who lived around the corner from her new house, so I’ve been in the neighborhood before.

It’s a nice neighborhood with newer homes. I wouldn’t mind having a newer (bigger!) home but I could never live in this neighborhood.

So, what’s my problem?

On the other side of this neighborhood is the prison. (cue spooky music….)

I wouldn’t be afraid to live there because of the prison.

I’ve been inside one (or 3 or 4) and I realize that getting out isn’t as easy as the movies make it out to be. It’s actually fairly detailed to get out of the prison even on a visit. So, it’s not that I’d be worried about a prison break.

I also think that if someone DID break out of a prison, they’d high tail it out of there rather than hang out in the neighborhood just over the hill.

But back to why I could never live there…

One day last summer, I dropped James off to play with their boys and while I was sitting in the car with the window down, I could hear the bells ringing, an alarm sounding, the loudspeakers directing “All inmates….” to do something.

I shuddered. Nope, living there where we’d hear those things all the time would never work for me.

It’s not like I can ever forget anyway. I wouldn’t need a daily reminder especially if I was trying to sit outside and relax!

I’m thankful for my friend because the house was an answer to prayer for them. I just don’t want to hang out there and hear the prison noise!



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