My Word For The Year

by adustyframe ~ January 23rd, 2014

Once in awhile, I choose a word for the year. I first saw this idea on some scrapbooking blogs and though it was good.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I just don’t end up following through on them and would rather set some goals and plans to shape my year–I guess that’s sort of resolutions right?

I don’t think this one word should rule my year or that it’s the only word I want to define me. I just feel it’s a good focus.

This year, I prayed about a  word to choose, and chose “Grace”.

I have a tendency to expect too much from others or to be critical when they don’t behave as Christians should. I tend to be a perfectionist with myself, my family, and others…..

I want to extend more grace to everyone–myself included.

The things we’ve dealt with come up from time to time in situations. Recently, I had another one of those conversations. When I spoke to the person, I  experienced the most loving Christ-filled grace response I’ve ever experienced in all of these years.

I want to be that person in someone else’s life. I want to share the wonderful grace that God extends to me.

I think that’s a wonderful focus for 2014.

What about you? Did you make resolutions or choose a word? Let me know if you blogged about it or just leave me a comment!

**The “grace” graphic above is a print that I’ve sold in my Etsy shop and I uploaded it here full size for  you to take for free if you like. If you click on the graphic twice, it should be full size and then you can save it.**


2 Thoughts Shared to My Word For The Year

  1. Pam

    Beautiful reminder !! Thank you !

  2. Joy

    Grace is a beautiful word to have. I know I need it often, for I fail so miserably. I’m thankful that God is so full of grace. I didn’t choose just one word this year. I have chosen a phrase, “Letting Go and Letting God”. I chose that as a reminder that I can’t do it all. I have to let go and let God take care of things. I have to fully rely and trust in Him.

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