Sometimes Valentine’s Day Is About The Moldy Drywall

by adustyframe ~ February 13th, 2014

I love Valentines day and I always have. I loved it when I was single and I loved it when James was little. I loved it when Lee and I were dating.

I’ve never been one that thinks it has to be some huge deal but I enjoy it as a fun day to share love and fun with friends and loved ones.

This year, Lee bought me a beautiful necklace for my birthday and we had a bigger Christmas so I said to him truthfully that we didn’t need to do anything for Valentines day. I did say, “Well, maybe you could get me a card.”

When he was home last weekend, he noticed that the washer was leaking down the wall and that there was some mold growing. Since our laundry area is in the kitchen, he wanted to get it taken care of.

He spent his entire last evening at home ripping it out, cleaning it up and installing new drywall.

He said he didn’t want to leave that there and have us breathing it.

Since I know his love language is acts of service, I actually felt quite warm and fuzzy about this project. He gave up his time to rest or just hang out with us before he hit the road again to do something to care for us.

Sometimes Valentines day is about chocolates and flowers and cards. Sometimes it’s about dinner and a date. Sometimes it’s about diamonds and marriage proposals…but sometimes it’s about the moldy drywall!


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  1. Sally Martin

    A beautiful expression of love of a husband and father. You and the kids are blessed. He is blessed also in that you recognize the act as his love being expressed.

  2. Senkyoushi

    I loved this! It is so true.

  3. Pam


  4. Barbara H.

    Definitely. I love the fun aspects of Valentine’s Day, too, but my love language is acts of service as well, and I “feel” my husband’s love when he does things like this to care for his family.

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