Crashing At The Olympics

by adustyframe ~ February 20th, 2014

Apparently, the winter Olympics seem to give me ideas for blog posts. Here’s one I wrote last time about our thoughts on the skier who came in dead last.

Last week, I was watching figure skating. The US men’s skater was horrible. I saw him skate previously every time he fell. Really?

What in the world? How do you get to the Olympics and then perform so badly on a regular basis? Didn’t they have any decent skaters to represent us?

I was getting a little embarrassed that he was from our country.

This particular evening, I sat down to watch and the same skater wiped out, slid across the ice and crashed into the side of the rink.

He laid there on the ice holding his side in obvious pain. For a few seconds, I thought he might not get up and part of me said, “Good! Lay there you horrible representative of the US.”

Now, I should let you know that I can’t ice skate—-not even one tiny bit. While I sat there berating him in my head, I did think to myself that I was probably not being fair. I don’t ice skate at all much less ice skate and have my feet actually leave the ice!

He got up and went back to his program and the crowd cheered. I did not. I continued in my little rant, “You call yourself an Olympian. You are nothing of the sort.”

Instead of being happy for him that he didn’t quit I put him down for messing up in the first place. I wanted him to lay on the ice and snivel and then crawl away with his head down and admit he was embarrassing.

Oh my goodness! My brain realized what I was doing and I thought about the people who watched me during the hardest years of our trial.

I know I crashed a few times. I laid on the sidelines hurting.

I could NOT get up and get back to normal life because the pressure and burdens were so heavy. I imagine there were people (I don’t imagine there were, I know there were) who wondered what my issue was and why I wasn’t living and serving like I used to live and serve.

I know when I finally got up that I didn’t just jump back into my routine like this skater did. I limped along for a considerable period of time because the pain was not gone.

I thought of how the evil one whispered in my ear, “And you call yourself a Christian. What an embarrassment you must be to the one who you represent. Doesn’t he have anyone better than you?”

To be truthful with you, I was embarrassed of my thoughts about this skater after I realized my nastiness

. I don’t want to be that kind of person and especially not to people I may come in contact with day by day.

In the Olympics,  no one could come out on the ice and finish for him. No one could put their arm around him and skate with him. If he wanted to get up and finish, he had to do it on his own.

But in life it’s not that way. You and I can go to the person lying on the ice and help them up. We can take a lap with them on the ice and help them figure out what their new program will look like. We can tell them God is with them and that their trials don’t diminish how very much God loves them.

Don’t be like I was when you see a hurting person. Look past their crash and try to see their pain. Be the one who cheers them on not the one heaping shame on them and taunting at them to quit.






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  1. Pam

    That was beautifully written!!! What a great word picture.
    Thank you….God Bless

  2. Kym

    Very well said. How easy it is for each of us to be critical and judgmental of others when they fall, but oh how we wish for grace and support when we are the ones that messed up. I am certainly the same way, and need to remember this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ame

    you’re awesome 🙂

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