Baby Goodies

by adustyframe ~ March 10th, 2014

When Nathan was first born, I shared a few products that I was loving. Having my babies so far apart is quite the adventure in the baby product department! All these cool things that weren’t around when James was little!

Nathan has been teething for several months. He was getting up to 10 teeth at once–poor little guy!

He has loved chewing on this baby toothbrush. We call it his “chew nanny”  (not sure why….)

This funny looking cup was suggested by some moms and I decided to try it. Baby loves it. He can see the water in it and usually does a good job. Once in awhile, he does pick the cup up and dump the water, but he’s learning how to drink from it very well.
I bought him a regular sippy cup for the diaper bag and he wasn’t happy at all! He thinks he’s bigger than using a baby cup!

My mom sent the boys a little money for Valentines day and I picked this up for baby. I just use it to give him something cold to chew on when he’s sitting in the high chair. I’ve used frozen breastmilk and sweet potatoes. He doesn’t really eat from it–he just sucks on it to relieve his poor teething gums.

The other day, I realized that he didn’t have any little baby cars. I found these at the store and he was so excited!

He still loves anything that crinkles. One of his baby gifts was this book and he still loves it.

He also loves the jumper roo. It’s a great replacement for an exersaucer and the doorway bounder. I bought ours used for considerably less though.

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  1. judith

    we’re 5 or 6 months behind you so i appreciate these links. we have good friends with a 2 yr old boy, so we’ve been blessed with many handmedowns, and just today i found a pottery barn crib bedding set on craigslist. so thankful!

    That’s awesome 🙂 I have a good friend who is done with babies and has a 2 yr old–we have received SO MANY wonderful things from them. Although, seriously, it should almost be illegal how much stuff this kiddo has! But the good news is another friend is having a boy right around the time of year Nathan was born so I am passing things on to her.

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