Giving emeals A Try

by adustyframe ~ March 17th, 2014

During my pregnancy and recovering and getting used to a baby in the house, I got a little lax about planning meals.
There was always food in the house, but when James or Lee would ask “what’s for dinner?” I’d say something like, “We have hamburger, eggs, cheese, …..” then we’d think of something to eat.

We ate lots of the “same old stuff” and I imagine that got old. Actually, Lee and James started making fun of me. They’d ask what was for dinner and in a high voice say, “We have eggs and cheese.”
So, even though Lee is gone a lot and we don’t cook quite as much when he’s gone, I decided it was time for a change.
I’m fully capable of making a menu but for some reason it just wasn’t getting done.
My friend does emeals and showed it to me once but I didn’t pay much attention. A few weeks ago, I asked her about it again and she said they love it.
I bit the bullet and bought a year’s worth of menus. I found a promo code online (just a quick search) so it wasn’t too costly.
I also used a promo code to add a lunch menu a week or so later. I only bought 3 months of lunch menus. I just figured some variety would be great.

James is loving it. He seems more interested in dinner and we have fewer fusses about what to eat because mom actually cooked something as opposed to throwing out options at meal time.

At this point, I’m making 3-4 of the 7 meals they send each week and 1 or 2 lunches. The other meals we’re doing family favorites, leftovers, and the old standby…..”find something”.

I like that they email me each week’s menu on Wednesdays.
I also like that you can switch your plan once in awhile. I think I’ll do that to have more variety–slow cooker meals, etc.
I like that they include a shopping list.
I like that it makes me try new things.
I like that it’s no big deal if I choose not to make a meal for whatever reason. It’s just getting me out of the rut and that’s a good thing!

So far the only “cons” are that their recipes are very plain so we add spices and things to make it taste better.
I also use recipes I already know we love if it’s on the menu. For example, we like the Olive Garden copy cat alfredo sauce, so when it was on the menu for emeals, we used that recipe instead.

The other “con” is small, but it seems like the types of meals some weeks are a little repetitive. For example, on week was an Asian dish and then ramen soup…..but that’s a small thing.
I don’t just print the menu and plan 7 meals exactly like they send it. I grow through the older menus and pick any I wanted to try that we didn’t get to and just mix up the plan to what suits me.

I know I could have just gotten myself in gear and planned menus or found a free app, but this is working for us and I’m glad. It makes me feel a little more like I’m getting back to normal and taking care of my boys!

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  1. J-

    Tomorrow is our last scheduled meal from our “new baby meal sign-up” friends. Since we were out-of-state six weeks before bringing him home and the two weeks before going out-of-state we were with family for Christmas, I am definitely feeling out of the meal-planning (or cooking) habit! Glad you found something that works for your family!

  2. Ashley

    I used emeals for a long time and really liked it! I recently cancelled it because I got bored of it, but I think I was trying to use emeals for every meal instead of only picking 3-4. I wonder if I would like it better if I approached it from the latter perspective. I think I was just feeling lazy, lol.

  3. Laura

    Just wanted you to know I am still reading and I just used your affiliate link to purchase the “low calories” meals for a year! I found a Groupon coupon for half off, which made the year only $29. Thanks so much for the tip… this is just what I’ve been needing!!! Can’t wait to start.

    Glad you are still here 🙂 Thanks for using my link–what a deal you found! Hope you enjoy.You can switch to a different plan once in awhile too.

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