8 Months

by adustyframe ~ March 24th, 2014

Baby boy is growing so quickly. I’m glad that I have experience with this parenting thing so that I know that every stage and age has benefits and fun things. I’m so looking forward to seeing what kind of toddler, preschooler, little guy, big guy he’s going to be. But I’m still sad that his babyhood is flying by SO FAST.

He continues to be an entertainer and a flirt. He makes friends wherever he goes. It’s actually quite cute. He has a little fan club at church of ladies who “fight” to hold him. Yesterday, we sat by an older man that we’d never met and he played with baby the whole time and tried to entertain him. It was sweet.

We call him “fat baby”. Compared to fat babies he’s not fat but he’s much chunkier than James was. James had a baby checkup where he was 95% for height and 5% for weight. He never had a bit of pudge on him. This baby is definitely higher on the weight curve and has some delightfully pudgy thighs!

At 8 months Nathan–

*still loves daddy and big brother so much

*loves to laugh

*loves to make us laugh

*like to play with cords and chew on shoes (eww…)–my friend said he sounds like a puppy.

*army crawls

*sits up pretty great although he doesn’t get down from sitting up yet or go from laying to sitting on his own

*loves to eat

*has 6 teeth

We’re loving him and are so thankful he joined our family!


3 Thoughts Shared to 8 Months

  1. Pam

    How is it possible he gets cuter and cuter???


  2. Jenn

    Oh is he ever cute!

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    He is adorable!

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