Needing Help

by adustyframe ~ April 10th, 2014

When Lee was gone and I needed help, it became very difficult for me to ask for help.

I was thinking about this last night and wondering why. I think that partly it’s because I needed so much help all the time. I got tired of asking. I got tired of needing help. I didn’t want to be a burden.  I knew people had their own lives and things to get done around their own house. I wanted my husband to be able to get it done for us.

I received a lot of help that I was so blessed to accept. I am so thankful for those who helped me and did it willingly without making me feel like I was bothering them.

I think (know) that my needs did bother some people so I learned quickly to not ask unless it was an absolute emergency.

Last night, I needed help with the baby crib. A part holding the mattress was loose and James tried to tighten it but just couldn’t get it. I called my friend to see if her husband had time to stop over and tighten it and she said “of course”.

It didn’t bother me to ask for help. I guess when it’s rare that I need outside help, it’s easier to ask. I didn’t feel like I was bothering them. I didn’t feel like I was a burden. I didn’t feel that I should just live with it and try to not bother anyone.

As I thought about this last night,  I wondered what the difference is. Maybe it’s just in my own mind or maybe like I said it’s that I haven’t needed outside help for a long time.

Regardless of why I felt like a burden before and didn’t last night, I think the thought I’d like to share is that if you know someone who’s dealing with things that just go on and on, help them. Offer help cheerfully and let them know how happy you are to help.

If someone you know asks for help, try (very hard) to help them as soon as you can without making them feel like their need took you away from more important things.


Galatians 5:13 ….by love serve one another



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  1. Pam

    I too find it hard to ask for help…’s ironic because I enjoy helping someone else……

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