Cleaning The Park

by adustyframe ~ May 8th, 2014

The other day, James and I (and baby) were driving across town. Near a park, we saw a line of men in green walking together with shovels and equipment.

“Oh there are the prison guys.” James said.

I said “Don’t you imagine they’re so happy to be out in the sun working and getting away from there for awhile?” He said he guessed so.

We went on about our day but today I was thinking about it. I think we should have prayed for them–at least for their families.



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  1. Sally Martin

    I’m thinking as you I think that they were glad to be out in the fresh air. Also more then likely they were even enjoying physical work. Prayer for them and their families would always be good. That their hearts would seek forgiveness and that where possible that they would be united with their families again.

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