Real Nappies Cloth Diaper Review

by adustyframe ~ May 22nd, 2014

I was given the opportunity to review cloth diapers by Real Nappies. Since I’m cloth diapering this baby, I said sure! I’m always interested in learning how diapers and covers work and wondering which ones are the best, especially for potty training boys. I have had a small bit of difficulty in the bast with boys over girls, I’m not quite sure why yet.

I was sent a roll of diaper liners, a diaper cover, and prefold diapers.

They are all very nice quality and we’ve enjoyed trying them.

The diapers we received were Indian prefold cotton cloth diapers for babies size 18-31 lbs. Prefold diapers are just flat thick diapers that you fold and put inside a diaper cover–no pins or clips (yeah!).

Baby is 20 lbs (ish) but I did feel that the diapers were really big. I had to fold them in 1/3’s lengthwise and then in 1/2 to get it to fit in the diaper cover. However that did make lots of nice layers and a big fat baby bum! No worries unless I needed to buckle him into the carseat–ha! Then his bottom was too big. But I usually end up putting on disposables when we’re leaving the house so it was not a problem.

These prefolds washed up really nicely and are very soft. They are also nice and absorbent which is of course a bonus when diapering a baby.

Their website describes them like this–

Real Nappies uses premium quality 100% natural Indian cotton fiber in these prefold cloth diaper inserts for superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.

The natural soft cotton cloth diaper inserts are comfortable to wear, breathe naturally, and are certified to the highest Oeko-Tex ecological standards which involves rigorous testing for over 100 harmful substances.

You can rest assured that Real Nappies cotton cloth diapers are free of chlorine bleach, plastics and chemicals, and won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Real Nappies cotton cloth diapers are prefolded which means the prefold cloth diapers’ 3 panels are folded and sewn together each having up to eight layers for superior absorbency.

The Real Nappies prefold cloth diaper is thicker in the middle to offer more absorbency exactly where it’s needed without it being bulky.

The prefold cloth diaper inserts fold easily and are sized to fit perfectly inside the Snug Wrap diaper cover. They can be folded in a variety of ways to accommodate boys, girls and smaller babies as required, and can be ‘boosted’ with optional Real Nappies Booster Pads for heavy wetters or night-time use.

Real Nappies cloth diaper inserts endure rigorous machine-washing and tumble-drying without tearing, shredding, pilling or losing absorbency. In fact, Real Nappies cloth diapers typically ‘quilt up’ and get fluffier with each wash.

The liners I used once and then forgot to use–OOPS! I do like that they are free of yucky stuff.

Here is what the website says about them–

Real Nappies diaper liners are made Ingeo fibers from 100% renewable resources such as corn, not oil. Real Nappies diaper liners are chlorine-free, fragrance-free, dye-free and chemical-free. Ingeo, from NatureWorks PLA, makes for a truly earth-friendly diaper liner, one that will break down within days.

I really liked the diaper cover I must say! It fits perfectly over the prefolds even though like I said they were quite large. It was super easy to use and I didn’t have to tuck in cloth diaper or triple check that nothing was sticking out. It also kept leaks in very nicely too!

I do wish they offered a snap version because in my experience the Velcro covers can end up looking sad after awhile. I’ve also heard that bigger babies can pull off diaper covers that have Velcro-like attachments. That being said, I was still very impressed with this cover and I’m thinking about ordering a few more!


Here’s what the website says about the covers–

The Real Nappies diaper cover has been designed to fit snugly over Real Nappies prefolds but can also be used with other cotton or polyester diapers. Sandwiched layers of PUL (polyurethane laminate) remove moisture and keep your baby drier, and the soft, elastic taping around the legs prevents leaking and blowouts. The Real Nappies diaper cover fastens at the waist with adjustable velcro tabs and when it’s time to wash, simply fold the tabs back to prevent lint build up in the hooks. All Real Nappies diaper covers can be worn several times before needing to be washed, and can be dried in the dryer or hung on the line.

If you’re looking for cloth diapers consider Real Nappies. Some of their products are available on Amazon too! (use my link in the sidebar pretty please? 🙂 )

The company offered a coupon if you’re looking for a big package to get you started with everything you need for diapering your baby through potty training!

Real Nappies Coupon Code  Save an extra $50 off a Birth To Potty Pack   Coupon code 739276495629

Disclosure I was given a package of prefold diapers, diaper liners, and one diaper cover in order to complete this review. All opinions are my own.






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