10 Months

by adustyframe ~ May 30th, 2014



Late again with his photo! I don’t meant to forget…just get busy.


How can he already be 10 months old? I know I’ve said it every month but man!!

He is just such a funny and happy baby. He loves to laugh and everything is funny to him. He also likes to make us laugh. He gets a kick out of that.

He loves his groceries! He says, “MMMM” really loudly when he sees us eating or drinking something. It’s his “Hey I want some too!” hint.

He is still nursing (yeah!!).

He is just starting to pull up a tiny bit–mostly in the tub!

He has started telling himself “no” when he wants to grab the computer cords (He LOVES the computer cords) or mom’s glasses.

He has 8 teeth and I think another one is coming in. I’m not sure….he doesn’t like me to check!

He is just a completely adorable little guy and we’re head over heels in love with him!





6 Thoughts Shared to 10 Months

  1. Sally Martin

    Love all the pictures and stories of how he interacts with you all.

  2. Susanna

    So lovely. Such a wonderful blessing /reward for you !

  3. Barbara H.

    What a cutie! He sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Janet

    He’s so big now! So hard to believe. So thankful for the joy he brings y’all!:)

  5. Pam

    Sweetness !!

  6. Robin in New Jersey

    He is adorable!

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