Suffering Trials

by adustyframe ~ June 4th, 2014

In our Women’s Bible Study at church this past spring, one of the lessons was on Revelation  2:8-11.

This church in Smyrna was facing poverty, slander, tribulation, death, and suffering yet Jesus commends them for it’s faithfulness and tells them not to fear the future.

This passage reveals about Jesus:

*He is sovereign and eternal

*He is our redeemer–our future is secure no matter what.

*He knows what we are going through.

It doesn’t say that our trials will be removed though!

This passage reveals the following about suffering:

*Our joy is not determined by how much money we have–this church was very poor.

*God uses challenges to prove us but also to improve us.

How should we respond to trials?

*Trust that God sees and is with me.

*Make a choice to worship and obey despite circumstances.

*Learn to trust God for the outcome and remain faithful.

Faith is a conscious moment by moment choice to do what is right not what feels right.


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