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by adustyframe ~ June 13th, 2014

I think I’m being a bad blogger lately! I’m sorry. The days just seem so full and by the time I think about the blog I’m too tired to think about writing a post!

We are busy in the garden. I noticed some bunnies or something is eating my beans but nothing else (yet….). I need to figure out a way to keep the bunnies from feasting on my beans. I guess Farmer McGregor really wasn’t such a bad guy after all was he?  Silly bunnies!!

My sister and niece are visiting this weekend and we’re enjoying hanging out together.

I have piles of things I need to list for sale online that just is not getting done!

Today it’s cool but pleasant–yeah! I don’t love it when it gets hot and humid (BLECH!!) Although, after the winter we just survived, I shouldn’t complain no matter how sticky it may get.

And that’s about all the excitement around here! What about you? Anything going on lately?


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  1. Susanna

    Paddling hard to keep our heads above water here with a new born plus the boys. Enjoying some lovely sunshine…..never guaranteed in England! My mum and dad are coming to meet their granddaughter next week..think I had better find my housework mojo before then 😉

    yeah 🙂 baby is here! Is this your 1st girl? Did you know ahead of time? Can you email me the details? 🙂

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