Father’s Day

by adustyframe ~ June 15th, 2014


Father’s day used to be a very difficult day around here. He would go to church and hear the Sunday School teacher talk all about Dad’s and do a project for their dads and James would come home and cry for days.

We began to stay home on Father’s day. We would just hang out at home and not even talk about it.

His father’s absence left a gaping wound in his life.

Sometimes now I mention something about those times that were hard when dad was “away” and James looks at me funny and asks what I mean. I explain a little and he shrugs and it seems that he’s not permanently wounded.

I guess we won’t know until he’s an adult and can look back on it and share things with us that maybe he can’t quite put into words right now. Or maybe he’s just ok. Maybe God did such a good job helping me to keep James’ life normal. Maybe God filled up the empty holes in his little boy heart.

Today, I thought about those hard Father’s days and thanked God that today wasn’t hard. There were no tears or sad faces even though dad wasn’t home. He’s on the road and we called him on our way to church this morning. Then we came home and grilled burgers and commenced being lazy for the rest of the day.

I’m so thankful that our life is NOTHING like it used to be.


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  1. Sara McD

    Lizzie, I remember feeling so so sad for James. I can’t even explain it – I don’t know you, have never met your family, but I used to just cry for your little boy without his daddy. I don’t think I ever told you because I didn’t want you to think I was pitying or whatever. I’m so glad for healing in your family.

    Awww thank you. Yes it was so sad. Really still if I think about it I get upset for him.

  2. Barbara H.

    Such a blessing!

  3. Susanna

    I remember your posts at the time 🙁 over here Father’s day doesn’t make it into church….or at least our church, and I am thankful for that. Praise God for keeping James’s heart 🙂

  4. Robin in New Jersey

    What a difference time makes. Glad your son is doing well. Such an answer to prayer!

  5. Janet

    We used to stay home on Father’s Day also. I understand! God has redeemed our situation and I’m glad that my daughters’ father is involved with them now.

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