10 Things On My Mind

by adustyframe ~ June 25th, 2014


1. I’m borrowing my friend’s children to go strawberry picking tomorrow. I’m not picking–they are! I’m going to watch the baby and supervise. HA! I LOVE having farm fresh strawberries in the freezer to use all year long.

The baby just tried strawberries the other day. He already loves blueberries and added strawberries to his “I love it” list.

2. I bought some kale at Trader Joes and want to try kale chips. I will eat them but I’ll also offer them to the baby. I’ve made them twice before bombed both times. I’m not sure why I feel inspired to try again!

3. James is getting so big. It’s bittersweet to see your little guy become a big guy right before your eyes. I’m getting so many comments about how grown up he is and how he’s changing. He is also a good looking guy. Girls started calling him the other day! GRRR….long story but Mom put a stop to that one. However, I know that soon he’ll be making so many changes in his life and girls will be one of them……I’m not ready for this.

4. I need to get homeschool planned for this fall.

5. The baby is just so sweet. I love everything about him and thank the Lord for him many times a day. I look at him and wonder how did we get such a cute, funny, precious little guy? We’re so blessed!

6. Today, Lee said he may not be home for the 4th! WHAT?! I’m trying to think what we will do to make the day special and feeling a little bummed. Then I thought, “HELLO! He wasn’t home for ANYTHING for years. Buck up, Buttercup.” 🙂

7. I NEED to get back to my TTapp. I’ve been slacking on the exercise. After baby was born, my hips were really bad. I mean REALLY bad. I could barely walk even in the house. So, I didn’t get in any exercise. My chiropractor has them mostly back to normal and I need to get rid of this baby/Csection belly. (!!!!)

8. I’m not sure my garden is going to make it. We’ve had a lot of rain since I planted it and it’s been swamped a couple times. We’ll see what happens.

9. I get some of the best book suggestions from Lisa’s book reviews. The Marrying of Chani Kauffman sounds really good!

10. For some strange reason, I get giddy when I’m on my blog feed on Wednesday and realize that it’s Amy’s Notebook day. I just love her notebook and even if I don’t need many of the links, I just enjoy looking at it!

So, what’s on your mind?


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  1. Barbara H.

    My oldest is really into kale lately but I have never tried it.

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