Fourth Of July

by adustyframe ~ July 3rd, 2014



What are your plans for the holiday?

We plan to go to the parade and fireworks. James bought some fireworks that we will shoot off at our friend’s house on Saturday.

We may go to a potluck hosted by friends in my Sunday School class.

Otherwise, it will be a little low key since Lee is on the road.

I’m thinking of making this for the potluck just because it looks neat.

Check out my Americana Pinterest board for some other things that I just enjoy looking at –décor, inspiration, recipes….I was going to share which pin on that board is my favorite but I can’t….I love them all!

I made this for a party in May and used marshmallows instead of pretzels and it turned out cute!

I’ve also made this flag cake before and it’s not too hard actually. It impresses people too which is just a bonus!

Ok, so let me know what you’re up to and share any Americana links you are loving right now.


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  1. Barbara H.

    A neighbor is hosting a neighborhood potluck, and I’m supposed to bring potato salad. I’m thinking of making a dessert, too, but last year they had plenty. The only July 4th-specific dish I’ve ever made was dipping strawberries about 2/3 of the way into white chocolate and then 1/3 of the way into blue sugar, to make a red, white, and blue snack.

  2. judith

    I love your pin board! Pinned a few myself. I think our weekend will be quiet as I’ve come down with hand, foot & mouth. 🙁 Praying the little guy doesn’t get it!

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