A Tender Spot

by adustyframe ~ July 7th, 2014

Whenever I hear a sermon, story, devotion, etc about suffering or trials it hits a soft spot in me.

Yesterday’s sermon at church was about suffering and trials. One quote I wrote down is this.

“God often uses our suffering and things that are painful and difficult for us to impact the lives of others for the glory of God.”

The pastor shared that God redeems difficult situations by allowing us to support those who walk a similar path after we do.

He shared an illustration that of course hit home with me.


He said students who take piano lessons often want to quit when the things they are learning become difficult or require much repetition. The students who succeed are those who have in mind the end result of their lessons. Those who know that they will be able to play beautifully and use their talents in the future, don’t quit because it’s hard.

I’m so thankful I didn’t quit piano lessons when I was young. I’m also thankful I didn’t quit when things in our life became difficult.

Did I stumble? yes! Get exhausted? yes! Go back to how life used to be? of course!

But thankfully God sustained us. I think one thing was key in surviving our trial and the pastor mentioned this yesterday.

Seek God’s perspective in the matter. How does He want to use me? What does He want me to learn or see in this?

So many times, I still feel like I’d like to erase this from our past and just go back to “la la land” where I didn’t know so many things about people, life, prison….

Today, I saw a graphic on Facebook that said, “God does not delete our past. He redeems it.” That’s what I need to remember!

Oh and the sermon was based on 2 Corinthians 4:7-18!


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  1. Barbara H.

    With our pastor just announcing three weeks ago that he has terminal (unless God intervenes) pancreatic cancer, we’ve been hearing a lot about suffering. Our former youth/music pastor came for the weekend and spoke Sunday from Ecclesiastes 3- an excellent message if you have time: http://www.orbc4u.org/resources/sermons/recent-sermons/audio/275-everything-beautiful-in-gods-time

    I am so glad God redeems our past.

    I’m glad you didn’t quit, too. 🙂

  2. Janet

    Thank you for this illustration, Lizzie. I needed it!

    And I’m so glad you didn’t quit either and that you are allowing God to use you to encourage others.

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