by adustyframe ~ July 17th, 2014

The other day on Facebook a friend asked, “So, what resources are available in our state for children of incarcerated parents?”

I hesitated.

Should I say anything?

I could say a lot…….

Instead, I just said, “So, have you heard about Angel Tree?”

Angel Tree is a wonderful resource and I’m always happy to share about it and let people know.

But providing a long list of resources? Well…..that would say something about me wouldn’t it? (For the record, I don’t have a long list of resources specific to our state.)

I’m careful who I just tell everything.

This person works in the prison system, which makes me even more reluctant to say anything. But her question also made me thankful that there are people in the system who care and want to find ways to support families.

People like her are much needed!



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