How Have You Seen God At Work In Your Life Lately?

by adustyframe ~ July 21st, 2014

Yesterday, at church, a missionary who grew up in the church shared about their ministry.

One of the pastor’s asked her during question time, “How have you seen God at work in your life lately?”

I like that question and I like that he asked that right away before people got into the things like, “What is the weather like?” etc.


I’ve been thinking about this today.

How have I seen God at work in my life lately?

*Trusting Him with James going far away for camp in a few days.

*Encouraging me to love people who are very hard to love.

*Helping me to see little things 100 times a day that are blessings.

*Bringing songs or Scripture to mind when I’m discouraged.


What about you? How have you seen God at work in your life lately?


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