Fabric Shower Curtain Liner~Money Saving Tip

by adustyframe ~ July 28th, 2014

Several years ago, I got tired of vinyl shower curtain liners.

They are cold and gross when you’re in the shower and then I’m sorry but I do not scrub those things—into the trash they go!

They are really inexpensive to buy but I just got tired of it.

I purchased a white fabric shower curtain and have been using it for a liner for years. I’ve been using it for at least 8 years?

At first, I balked at the $15.00 price tag but through the years, I’ve been so happy I purchased it.

If it gets gross, I just put it in the washer with hot water and some bleach. I don’t really use bleach for anything else around here but some things just ask for bleach!

I’m pretty sure there are lots of years of life left in my liner so I’m pretty sure it’s saving us money!


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  1. Rachel

    What a great idea! I agree with you – NOT scrubbing that thing! I’ve been buying the ones from Dollar Tree, but they’re getting thinner and thinner and lately I had one rip as I was putting it on the rings.
    Does the fabric one keep water in the shower just as well as the plastic ones?

    Yes, I think so. Once in awhile, the outside curtain gets damp but I just make sure the shower head points away from the curtain and toward the wall.

  2. Sally Martin

    Sounds like an excellent idea.

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